Tashi: Your Faithful Cluster Manager

Tashi: Cloud Computing on Big Data

Tashi is a research project at Intel Labs Pittsburgh designed to investigate the implications of cloud computing on big data. As part of this effort, researchers at Intel Labs Pittsburgh are also contributing to the development of an open source cluster management system from the Apache Software Foundation's (ASF) Incubator, also called Tashi (the initial proposal). Key initial contributors include Intel Labs Pittsburgh and the Parallel Data Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Tashi cluster management system leverages virtual machine technology to enable deployment of many virtual clusters with differing software requirements on a single physical cluster, and a major research goal of the project is the development of mechanisms that will enable efficient access to cluster resources, such as power and storage, from these independent virtual clusters.

Tashi is deployed on the Open Cirrus cluster at Intel Labs Pittsburgh. This 200-node+ cluster comprises more than 1500 cores and 750 disks (providing more than 0.5 PB of raw storage). Tashi is a key software component that enables the Big Data cluster to participate in the OpenCirrus cluster testbed.

Intel Labs Pittsburgh Team



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