Phillip B. Gibbons - Papers (1996+)

Note: This collection of papers is updated infrequently, and often out of date. Please see the publication list in my c.v. for a more complete listing of my papers, including papers published prior to 1996. Please see the copyright notice below. All papers are pdf files, unless otherwise noted.

Sensor Systems
      ...worldwide sensor web, smart camera networks, sensor networks, wide-area distributed systems, availability:

Querying Massive Databases and Data Streams
      ...approximate query answering, synopsis data structures, distributed data streams, tuning databases to modern processors:

Parallel and Distributed Processing
      ...chip multiprocessors, models of computation, formal verification, fundamental algorithms, synchronization, scheduling, security, and testing:

Updated versions of pre-1996 papers:

Internet and Electronic Commerce

Copyright Notice: Since most of these papers are published, the copyright has been transferred to the respective publishing houses. Therefore, the papers cannot be duplicated for commercial purposes. The following is ACM's copyright notice. The other publishers have similar ones.

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